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Viewing our gallery is an easy way for you to see the quality and high standard of service you receive here at Alspray, we have no doubt that our work speaks for its self.

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Rear dent to Volvo Dent removal, paint and blend Major oxidation Full machine polish Large bollard impact Dent removal, paint and blend Main dealership recommended replacement Great example of repair not replace Stone chips to front of car – Sanded and prepared Paint and blend Side impact to door Another fine example of repair not replace Rear bumper impact – replacement recommended from dealership Heat welded plastic repair, paint and blend Lower valance damage to Ferrari F430 spider 3 Stage paint work Typical rusting of Ford Puma wheel arch Cosmetic rust removal, paint and blend Damage to front lower panel 3 Stage paint work

Is your paintwork looking tired?

How about giving your car a makeover, get some of those small annoying paintwork defects rectified then have a full machine polish, hand wax and detailing to give it that almost new look again, great if your going somewhere special and want to impress, alternately have a full machine polish to revive dull or tired looking paintwork.

See our image gallery for before and after images for machine polishes.

Call 0191 2332711 or e-mail for more information and if you live local drop in for a free quotation and advice on all your bodywork requirements and that personal service.

Alspray is fully water base compliant in line with government legislation and requirements. Best Car body shops in Newcastle upon Tyne Best Car body shops in Newcastle upon Tyne Best Car body shops in Newcastle upon Tyne
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